Issue: 10

Title: Mother's Day

Writer: Peter David

Art: Rick Leonardi



Dana, and Gabriel stand vigil over Conchata O'Hara as she lays dying in her bed, Miguel hangs in the background in silence. She calls for Miguel who does not answer. Suddenly she expires. Miguel finally speaks out, chastising his mother for scaring Dana with her theatrics. The two argue until she walks away. Gabe tries to convince Miguel to talk to her with no success leaving Gabe and Dana alone. Gabe begins to recall to her the day their father came home to tell Miguel that he was joining a Alchemax training program. It was the first time they witnessed their father physically abuse their mother.  Dana meanwhile recalls a day when she and Miguel ran into his father on the street and nearly came to blows. Meanwhile, at Alchemax, Tyler Stone hears a report on a attack on the company's Atlantis Restoration project. Stone's assistant delivers an urn with the cremated remains of his son, Kron. Tyler promptly flushes them down the toilet. Back at Wellvale, Miguel tries talking to his mother. Conchata wants Miguel to change, to stop being self-centered. She uses Spider-Man as an example. Enraged, Miguel reveals to her that he is Spider-Man.  She doesn't believe him and begins to cry from laughing, tears blocking her view of the talons which Miguel is attempting to show her. Miguel leaves and ponders on the fact that as Spider-Man he's become important to all the right people in his life, while as Miguel he's important to all the wrong people. Sometime later a group of Thorites hold a unauthorized rally in the streets. Public Eye officers begin to suppress the crowd when Spider-Man appears. At first they believe its a Spiderite, but they quickly realize they are fighting the definite article. Spider-Man faces the Public Eye camera and delivers a message to anyone watching, "Spider-Man isn't kidding around anymore." Sometime later Miguel visits his father's grave. He explains why he didn't punch him the day he and Dana met him on the street, because he was afraid he would kill him. Miguel wanted his father to live to be an old suffering decrepit man and feels he was cheated when he died. Finally he walks away decided that he wishes to make the world a place he can stand to look at.





  • Miguel's father helped design the Public Eye Net.

  • Kron is shown to be cremated here. Kron was killed by the Punisher in Punisher 2099 #2. For the whole story on what happens to him following his 'death', see Spider-Man 2099 #39

  • Collected in Spider-Man 2099 Volume 1



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