Issue: 17

Title: Ye Gods

Writer: Peter David

Art: Rick Leonardi



Miguel O'Hara hangs upside down, surrounded by blood thirsty Thorites, thinking how much he hates his mother at times like these. He recalls that only hours ago he stood on the floating city of Valhalla with Punisher, Ravage, and Doom. Together they had defeated the Aesir and agreed to leave the city to fall into the ocean. After leaving the city, Spider-Man and Punisher realize that Doom tricked them and steals the city. Punisher wishes to pursue him, but Spider-Man decides he'd rather live. As the Aesir were revealed to be frauds, Spider-Man ponders on the vacuum that has been created in people's faith. He visits Downtown and finds a massive rally centered around Bloodsword who now wields the fraudulent Thor's hammer . To Spider-Man's dismay, his mother Conchata is in attendance. Assuming his civilian clothes, Miguel enters the rally and tries convince his mother to leave with him, she instead cries out that she's being kidnapped. This catches the ire of Bloodsword (now calling himself Bloodhammer). Miguel explains that his mother is not well and he just wants to take her home, but Bloodhammer chooses to have him killed. Tied and hung upside down to be killed, Miguel asks a moment to pray to Thor. The crowd kneels and closes their eyes. Miguel uses the opportunity to cut his bonds using his talons. The crowd believes it to be a miracle and Miguel uses that to his advantage by pointing to the sky and claiming Thor is above them. With the crowd distracted Miguel decks Bloodhammer and escapes with his mother.





  • Father Cecil McAdam reclaims his now powerless Mjolnir.




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