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Issue: 9

Title: Home Again, Home Again

Writer: Peter David

Art: Kelley Jones



At the Wellvale Home, a woman named Conchata goes into shock when asked about her sons. Meanwhile, Spider-Man is delighted to have finally escaped Downtown when he is assaulted by a PubliC Eye flyboy. Fortunately he outwits the officer easily and uses his uniform to get back home without attracting any more attention. Back in Downtown, Casey argues with Gabe for dragging her away from battle and for defending Miguel. At the same time she praises Spider-Man for his bravery and guts (not to mention his physical attributes much to Gabe's chagrin). Uptown, Miguel dressed as a Public Eye officer is on his way home when he is flanked by other flyboys. To his surprise, they're not after him, they're after Spider-Man who has been sighted at a nearby mall. Elsewhere, Angela Daskalakis drive former Public Eye officer Rico into Nightshade, an independent city.  She reveals that their people have been making advances in technology which they fear Alchemax will try to steal. They need men like him. Back in Nuevo York, Miguel and the other flyboys arrive at the mall to find a group of Spider-Men. Miguel dives in his air bike to save one who is tumbling towards his death. Miguel manages to save him with a web-line. Unmasking the fake Spider-Man Miguel learns that they are a group of Spiderites, former Thorites who now believe that Spider-Man word of Thor on Earth. Miguel tries to convince the Spiderite to not emulate him, but it doesn't work, especially after in a fit of anger he accidentally extends his talons and reveals that he is in fact Spider-Man. Finally arriving home, Miguel takes a bath and uses restorative cream to heal his bruises. Dana walks in on his bath leading Miguel to make up an explanation of where he has been. He reveals to her that he's beaten the Rapture addiction, but with some side effects. Miguel kisses her and pulls her into the bath. They're interrupted when Gabe walks in with news for Miguel. Their mother has collapsed and is asking for them both.






  • Collected in Spider-Man 2099 Volume 1




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